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The Top 8 Sex Mistakes Men Make

sex mistakesSex is almost always on the minds of most men, much more than women. And while absorbed in the feeling, it is often difficult to think about pleasing one’s partner, or doing anything but reaching climax. This is not because men are just out for their own pleasure. Most men are just unaware of what really turns women on. This is a summary of the top 8 sex mistakes men make, and how to prevent them.

Lack of Foreplay
Usually the sight of a naked woman is enough to put a man at attention, and ready to begin thrusting. Usually though, women need to work up to this feeling. Touching, kissing, and caressing her will make her much more aroused than just looking at your penis.

All About Romance
Believe it or not, too much of anything is a bad thing, even romance. True, women love to make sweet, passionate love, and to hear how much you cannot live without them, but this is not all a woman wants. Females have fantasies and sexual cravings also, and tender lovemaking is not always enough. Do not be afraid to play into her fantasies sometimes.

Open Communication
Many men seem to think that experience makes them experts. But each person is different, and has different preferences and dislikes. Just because you had a sure way to get your last partner to climax does not mean your new partner will like it. Certainly take hints from her body language, but most importantly do not be too shy to just ask each other how to make sex better.

Do Not Ignore the Clitoris
It is hard for many guys to understand that vaginal penetration may not feel as awesome for her as for him. All the sensitive tissue in a woman is actually in the clitoris, not the vaginal walls. This means that penetration does feel good, but will probably not end in climax if not coupled with something else. Try stimulating her with your tongue or fingers, or let her do it herself as you focus on other areas.

Expecting Too Much
Porn is not real, and porn stars are actors. Never confuse porn and reality. A world created with video cameras and paid actors who are told exactly what to do, and have the benefit of editing, will never be like reality. Not that you can never ask for specific turn-ons, but unless you can sweep her off her feet like the star of a romance novel every day of her life do not think she can act just like a porn star.

Leaving Right Away
Women are not finished once orgasm is completed. Their feelings are still buzzing and their hormones racing. Although it is easy for a man to turn over and go right to sleep, or even just walk away and do something else, it will make all the difference in the world to just stay those few extra minutes to cuddle with her, making her feel loved and appreciated.

Bigger is Not Always Better
While just about all guys have a fear of hearing “Is it in yet?” this fear is generally unfounded. An average sized guy is completely capable of pleasuring a woman. In fact, it is definitely possible to be too big. There is only so much space inside a vagina, and slamming too deep usually just results in pain from you hitting her cervix.

Climaxing too Early
It is difficult to think about anything but climax while in the middle of sex. But if you orgasm too quickly she will almost without fail be just at the point where she is begging for more so she can finish. You, on the other hand, will feel completely spent. If you do not think you can stretch out the length of time, focus on stimulating her more before you penetrate. And do not forget that longer sex is not just fun for her!

This shows the top 8 mistakes men make in bed. If you heed these pointers you will definitely have better sex.